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added a few randoms
Since only two ppl from my old account added me here, I kind of feel weird posting. Especially when only one of the two comments frequently.

I miss some of my old lj friends. Like I took a break and so did everyone else.

Anyway, I'll make this post public so that the people I added can see my journal isn't empty. It's just friends only, but if I friended you, I suppose you could see it.

So I won't be offended if anyone isn't interested and ignores me. If anyone adds me and I decide I won't click with them (hard to tell cause everyone else is friends only too), I'll go ahead and unfriend.

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I still read your posts from time to time when I pop onto LJ (at least once a week), but most people have moved on from posting stuff on journal/blog sites in favor of the social media ones instead. Though I don't comment often, I pay attention.

I know. :) cause every once in a while you do comment. Haha.

Idk who you are or how you found me, but I'll add you back and we'll see. Perhaps the similar music interests? No idea. Anyway, I'm not around much right now for personal reasons, but hello.

yes! I was having a Black Lab filled day and then tried to search for that as an interest, but then I realized people might like the dogs, not the band. lol so I gave up on that one, but that's how I found you and because you had updated your journal recently enough to be towards the top of the list. And that's fine. I don't care how involved you are with LJ or me. I just felt weird writing to two people which felt like one.

Anyway idk how you're supposed to make friends on LJ. I've always added randoms and sometimes friends of friends have added me. Then there was a small few from communities, but really most of my friends were randoms. Of course several of those randoms I ended up deleting so it's hit or miss.

Makes it a lot easier when someone takes the chance and adds me back though. :) So hi back. Good luck with your personal stuff. I'm a bit busy too. Usually only here to whine. ;D (finishing up senior year of college)

Yeah, I like the band, not the dogs so much. I used to be more involved on LJ, but I live in a place without internet access at home right now, so it's sporadic right now. I'm a writer and on LJ, I write fan fiction, which is where most of my flist comes from. Otherwise, I don't really know how people find each other on LJ either. I find people who write or do art that I think is good and that's how I do it. I also whine, though tbh, it's usually more like ranting. Lol. Anyway, nice to "meet" you.

Nice to meet you too! Yeah I think it's mostly ranters on lj. And fanfic ppl. And Russians? I'm not into fanfic and I only speak English.

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