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I hate cars

Yesterday was less than perfect. We went to visit my aunt in the Bronx. That was fine for the most part. My aunt is old, uses a walker, and has lots of trouble getting into a car. Takes about 20 min. Anyway no big deal. We sat in sooo much traffic on the way back. And all these people were making random left turns blocking traffic forever. And twice we had to wait for a fire truck to back into a fire station. At two different stations. Anyway, at this mix of highways, we were getting off one and on the ramp to like a round about to get on other highways. And then we're high up and there's also highway below us. So we're there and the car stalls out. Of course cars behind us are honking. There's no way around. Mom can't get the car to start. At some point she put the car in drive while it was off. Don't know what that does, but dad started flipping out. What the fuck are you doing? You fucking idiot, how could you be so fucking stupid?..... Get out of the fucking driver's seat. Fucking women drivers. so dad tries and no luck. We're still getting honked at.

Dad asks mom to look to see where we are, if there's a place we can push the car to where we're safe and not blocking traffic. Mom came back saying there was a long stretch of road. I don't know what she really meant because when we eventually got there, it wasn't how she described it. Anyway we rolled a bit down the ramp where there was a curve and cars to fit around us. People still honked as they drove by, and a FedEx driver yelled at us for not having our blinkers on or anything. I agreed with him. We're under a bridge at this point and its dark and we're just sitting there in the way. For some reason dad refuses to put them on. Mom didn't put them on either. That was always the first thing I did when my car used to stall out. Dad asked mom to open the trunk instead. She does. Dads still trying to start the car, but soon gets out to look what's ahead of us because we're still at a point where we can't really tell. Dad says there's a safety zone just a bit ahead. We just need to have someone block traffic from where we were and next to us and the rest of us pushed dad in the car.

We get him to the safety zone and let the car cool off as dad calls for a tow truck. I really have to pee at this point and know it will be a while. Eventually my little brother who was with us and Jason go with me to find a bathroom. We cross the traffic we blocked before and then walked along what I guess was the long stretch of road. Then we get to another ramp and cross that. There was enough traffic where crossing these highway areas wasn't really unsafe. We walked up the ramp and around a building and found a Pizza Hut. I was going to ask if we could use the bathroom, but no one greeted us when we came in. So we just walked in and used it, walked back, and waited. After about 30 min or so dad told us to get in the car to try again. We did and it worked. Dad cut off ppl on the roundabout to try and prevent stalling out again, but as soon as we got off we went up a hill of unmoving traffic. There was a lot of stops and red lights but we got to campus okay and they made it home safely after that.

Don't know what the problem was with the car. When we went out to lunch with mom, the car also wouldn't start when we finished. It had just been sitting in the parking lot so it's not like it overheated. I think cars are just allergic to Jason because this is now the third time there's a problem. The first time it was a different car. Plus he gets me sick every time we visit it seems too. All Jason's fault.


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Ugh...HORRIBLE travel luck, friend!

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